Hi Buddy,

I just saw maybe the best software I’ve ever seen…

And then I saw 4 softwares that are even BETTER!

And they’re part of ONE insane new software suite…

Resell Bot!

Hit this link and see what the hype is about:


OK. So here goes…

Have you heard of a guy called “Chris X”?

He’s “old school” and has been marketing online since 2006.

And he’s made well over $2 million selling software, videos, WordPress themes and ebooks…

He’s profited with all of them.

And over the last 12 months Chris has decided to focus his ENTIRE business onto helping other people make a killing software like him…

That’s why he spent over $10,000 building 5 of the most incredible software tools I’ve ever seen:

* Instant Software Store – which launches an instant website – collecting leads & selling software in under 60 seconds

* Reseller Store Theme – my custom-built WordPress theme, that builds out complete digital product stores in seconds..

* Six-Figure Resell Rights – to some of my top-selling software products that have generated over $300,000 in sales..

* Traffic DB – a database of thousands of websites and traffic opportunities for the Internet marketing niche..

* Resell Database software – pre-loaded with 1000s of extra software and other products that you can license in minutes..

* Rapid Video Creator – that auto-creates instant sales videos, for any product you want to sell, in seconds…

OK, I think you need to check these 4 tools out to see what the hype is all about…



Evans Tomety

P.S. The price SLASHED right now. It’s a STEAL.

But it’s going to INCREASE very soon.

So you’ll have to hit the link and make a decision before the timer runs out...


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