This is a Quick Survey to determine where you are in the Internet Market Space – OnLine Business:

  1. How many years have you been doing an online business (any of the above at all?
    1. 1 to 3 years (  ); (2) 4 and 5 Years (  ); (3) 5 to 10 Years (  ); above 10 Years (  )
    2. If you answered (1) above would you consider yourself a newbie? (Yes  )/( No  )
  2. Which of the Business Niches above are you interested in? AM (  ) IM (  ) e-commerce (  ), Other (  )- You may tick ALL
  3. What particular challenges are you facing in your business: –
    1. Lead generation (  )
    2. Technology (  )
    3. Knowledge of the market (  )
    4. Software tools (  )
    5. Choice of a niche(s) (  )
    6. Need of a coach or Mentor (  )
    7. Other, please specify

Please complete the above and post to page with your Facebook page link also indicated Here:




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